Schedules and rates 2019 / 2020
Check the Schedule to help you choose your holiday weeks.
Rates for the weekends. Except for Christmas, January 1st, school holidays and from June to September only weekly with some exceptions:
Example for the week at 260,00€:
- 150€ for a 3 night weekend
- 195€ for a 4 night weekend.
- 230€ for a 5 night weekend.

For the winter period or the weekends (October to April) in addition to the weekly price electricity costs for heating are added at the actual consumption. Reservations are made normally in Saturdays. If you want to stay overnight, the applicable rates are as follows:

For weeks displayed at 260€ the price for the extra night is 51 €.
For weeks displayed at 360€ the price for the extra night is 62 €.

Low season: 260€ for the week
Middle season: 360€ for the week
High season: 490€ for the week

PS: Reference prices are the ones shown on our website in French.
If you wish to download our rates for:
2019 season in English and PDF
2020 season in English and PDF